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Upcoming events

    • 09/27/2023
    • 11:30 AM
    • ONLINE

    The 2023 State of the Industry will provide a comprehensive overview of the promo industry’s most pressing issues along with strategies for success and the latest sales, product, and market trends. Bring your questions for Nate and Sara! 

    Learning Outcomes:

    ·       Issues impacting Promo.

    ·       Recent sales, product, and market trends

    ·       Predictions for Q4 and beyond 

    About Nate Nate Kucsma is ASI’s senior executive director of research.  Nate earned his MBA in Marketing from Rutgers University in 2007 and has over 25 years of research experience across a variety of industries.  Nate joined ASI in 2014 and has partnered with his colleagues on many of the promotional product’s industry’s most influential studies, such as the annual Counselor State of the Industry study, the Global Ad Impressions study, and the European Market Sizing study. 

    About Sara Sara Lavenduski is an executive editor for digital content at ASI. She joined the company in 2014 and has since won multiple awards for her coverage of best sales practices and market trends. Sara also leads ASI’s Canada coverage and regularly contributes to reporting for ASI Research’s annual studies.

    • 10/04/2023
    • 10/05/2023
    • 2 sessions
    • The Lodge, 21196 E Beach Blvd, Gulf Shores, AL 36542


    Wednesday, October 4, 2023

    6-8pm - Welcome Reception & Holiday Party

    Thursday, October 5, 2023

    7:00-10:30am - Exhibitor Set-Up

    9:30-11:00am - Brunch Seminar

    10:30-11:00am - Show Floor Open to Distributors Only 

    11:00am-2:00pm - Show Floor Open to Distributors and Clients 

    *schedule subject to change

    By registering for this show you agree that you have read and agree with the terms within the show contract

Past events

09/12/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Seven Reasons Why Marketing Fails and Ways to Prevent Them"
09/08/2023 2023 SPPA Fall Showcase LA - Distributor Registration
09/07/2023 2023 SPPA Fall Showcase MS - Distributor Registration
09/06/2023 2023 SPPA Fall Showcase AL - Distributor Registration
09/06/2023 2023 SPPA Fall Showcase - Exhibitor
08/30/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Hit the TARGET with Your Marketing"
08/22/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Grow Your Business with Food Gifts It’s Not Just for Holidays Anymore"
07/26/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, How They Can Make a Difference in Your Business"
07/11/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Going For the Gold, Building and Entering an Award-Winning Pyramid Marketing Campaign"
06/28/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "What's New?"
06/15/2023 Mobile Promo Lunch + Micro Tradeshow
06/14/2023 Montgomery Promo Lunch + Micro Tradeshow
06/13/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "What can the New AI-Powered Functions in SAGE do for You."
05/31/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Packaging – YES, it IS a Promotional Product and it’s Not Going Away"
05/16/2023 Birimingham Promo Lunch + Micro Tradeshow
05/15/2023 Tee Up for Down Syndrome
05/09/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Winning the Pitch: Selling Best Practices Using Online Stores"
04/26/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: ““2023 State of the Industry with ASI, CEO, Tim Andrews”
04/25/2023 SAGE Conference
04/21/2023 Jackson Promo Lunch + Micro Tradeshow
04/11/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: “WHY QUICKBOOKS and WHICH ONE?”
03/29/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Own the Brand to Own the Business"
03/28/2023 PPAI: Promotional Products Work Expo
03/14/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Marketing Tactics for Certain Growth in Uncertain Times"
02/22/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Top Tips for Growth in 2023 with Charity G!"
02/15/2023 2023 SPPA THE Show of the South - EXHIBITOR
02/14/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Outsourced Artwork Services: Up Your Game, Lower Your Cost"
01/25/2023 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Promotional Products Industry TRENDS for 2023"
01/17/2023 Tuesday Learning Lab: "It's Never To Early to Position Your Business for a Successful Exit"
12/14/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "The 7 Deadly Sins of the Promotional Products Buyers"
12/06/2022 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Local SEO – A Guide to Getting Found on Google Using Your Google Business Profile"
10/26/2022 2022 SPPA Holiday Showcase
10/26/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging is for Everyone"
09/28/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Winning Distributor Sales Campaigns"
09/13/2022 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Increasing Revenue Through Online Stores"
09/07/2022 2022 SPPA Fall Showcase
08/31/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar: How PPAI Promotional Products Work can Elevate Your Business
08/09/2022 Tuesday Learning Lab: Multi-Task Like A Pro: How to Manage All Your Projects at Once
07/27/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar: "Data-Driven Blueprint for Success"
07/13/2022 Baton Rouge Promo Lunch + Micro Tradeshow
07/12/2022 Tuesday Learning Lab: "Fulfillment Programs: Potentail and Pitfalls"
06/15/2022 Birimingham Promo Lunch + Micro Tradeshow
05/25/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar: How to Charge for Creative Services (as a Distributor)
05/11/2022 Mobile Promo Lunch + Micro Tradeshow
04/22/2022 Jackson Promo Lunch + Micro Tradeshow
03/30/2022 Wild Wednesday Webinar: “AMPlify Your Sales”
03/16/2022 New Orleans Promo Lunch + Micro Tradeshow
03/15/2022 Tuesday Learning Lab: “Creating a Brand that Matters”
02/07/2022 2022 SPPA THE Show of the South - EXHIBITOR
10/27/2021 Wild Wednesday Webinar
10/20/2021 2021 SPPA Holiday Showcase
10/12/2021 Tuesday Learning Lab
09/29/2021 Wild Wednesday Webinar
09/14/2021 Tuesday Learning Lab
09/08/2021 2021 SPPA Fall Showcase
08/25/2021 Wild Wednesday Webinar
07/14/2021 Brewing Up Business - New Orleans
06/30/2021 Wild Wednesday Webinar
06/16/2021 Brewing Up Business - Birmingham
05/19/2021 Jackson Promo Lunch + Micro Tradeshow
04/28/2021 Wild Wednesday Webinar
04/07/2021 2021 SPPA THE Show of the South - EXHIBITOR
04/07/2021 2021 SPPA THE Show of the South
03/31/2021 Wild Wednesday Webinar
03/24/2021 Virtual Promo Lunch
03/16/2021 Midwest Leadership Conference
03/09/2021 Tuesday Learning Lab
02/24/2021 Virtual Promo Lunch
02/09/2021 Tuesday Learning Lab
12/16/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: Grow Your Business with Mobile Geotargeting
12/09/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: What Will Be the Future of Promotional Products
12/08/2020 TUESDAY LEARNING LAB: ExpoDirect-2-You “Sneak Peak”
11/18/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: The Disruption is Here, Are You Ready for the Future of Work?”
11/17/2020 TUESDAY LEARNING LAP: Grow Sales with Digital Catalogs & Flyers
09/30/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: New Growth Opportunities for Distributors - Brand Media and Engagement
09/16/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: Rise from the Ashes! How to Start Recovery Now”
09/15/2020 TUESDAY LEARNING LAB: Canva: Graphics Made Quick, Easy & Free. No, Really!
09/09/2020 2020 SPPA Fall Showcase
08/26/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: Finding Your Voice - Strategies to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace
07/15/2020 Brewing Up Business - Baton Rouge
06/24/2020 Brewing Up Business - Birmingham
06/24/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: Marketing Your Promo Business in the New Landscape
06/17/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: The Day After Tomorrow
06/10/2020 Wild Wednesday Webinar: Getting Noticed with a Powerful LikenIn Profile & Resume
06/03/2020 WILD WEDNESDAY WEBINAR: Stay in Front of Customers While Social Distancing
05/07/2020 Virtual Promo Lunch
05/06/2020 Webinar: How to Open Doors During a Recession
04/29/2020 WEBINAR: COVID-19 Where Do We Go From Here?
04/22/2020 WEBINAR: When It Rains Lemons
04/15/2020 WEBINAR: Work at Home Technology
04/09/2020 New Orleans Virtual Promo Lunch
04/08/2020 WEBINAR: When the Pendulum Swings Back, Will You Be Ready?
03/25/2020 Wild Wednesday Webinar: Managing the Y & Z Market
03/23/2020 WEBINAR: Working Hard From Home vs. Hardly Working From Home
03/04/2020 Jackson Promo Lunch + Micro Tradeshow
02/11/2020 2020 SPPA Awards Brunch
02/11/2020 2020 THE Show of the South - DISTRIBUTOR
02/11/2020 2020 SPPA THE Show of the South - EXHIBITOR
02/10/2020 2020 SPPA Membership Luncheon


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